Mu Xin Art Museum

Mu Xin Art Museum

China Silk Embroidery Art Museum

Chengdu SAC Park of China

Chengdu Silk Art Cultural Museum

Hai Dao SAC Project

Hai Dao SAC Museum

12-09 Jackson Ave - Mu Ramen LIC

Shanghai Stock Exchange Securities Trading Hall Renovation

Miho Institute of Aesthetics - Chapel

Museum of Islamic Art Park

Museum of Islamic Art

Suzhou Museum

Embassy of the P. R. China in the USA, Chancery Building

Wuxi Duck Bay Mixed-use Development

Sunchime Song Zhuang Master Planning

Wuzhong Museum

House for an Artist

China Yard

  • Wuzhen Muxin Museum

OLI Architecture

Having a combined work experience of over 30 years on signature Museum, Civic and Institutional projects worldwide, the founding partners, Bing Lin and Hiroshi Okamoto have joined their expertise in collaboration forming OLI Architecture PLLC in 2010.

With a vision towards the future, accompanied by a vast disciplinary understanding of the built environment, and respect of the specific cultural parameters of each project, the firm offers full service architectural design. OLI’s specialty expertise consists of museum planning, urban landscape design and construction. Through implementation of parametric studies, computational analyses and contemporary design theories, and construction methodologies, each project articulates design logistics unique to its kind.

Services offered by OLI Architecture PLLC includes Planning, Concept Design, Construction Documentation and Construction Administration. Company offices are located in New York and Shanghai.